Search and List Users in Drupal Video Tutorial Views Module

Search for other users, and compile and share lists of contacts. Simple, easy and short tutorial by PlanetGhost using views module to search users and list them in page.

Step 1 : Edit the user List
Step 2 : Now click the '+' link near 'Filters' column.
Step 3 : Now select 'User' under 'Groups:' and select 'User: Name' and click 'Add' button.
Step 4 : Now You will see 'Expose' button and push the 'update' button.
Step 5 : Click the 'Save' button below. Note all these changes are 'temprory' till when you dont press the 'Save' button below.
Step 6 : You will se a new menu link would be created click on it and check the list of users with search box.

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