Insert Values In Table, Mysql Insert Query , Mysql Insert Statement

Enter values in the table by typing the Query

 > insert into t1(c1) values (10) ; 

This can also be written
 > insert into t1 values (10) ; 

Inserting Multiple Values in tables with Multiple Columns
 > insert into t2 values ( 2 , 3) ; 

We can also change order while inserting values by Specifying column numbers in insert query

For example:

 > insert into t2 (c2 , c1) values ( 2 , 3) ;

you will see the table has been filled with values, However in different order.

We have made 2 columns with query 'create table t2 (c1 int , c2 int);'

What if we dont want to enter two values while filling the columns

> insert into t2 values ( 2 ) ; It will give ERROR 'Column count doesn't match' However, that means we cant enter 1 value ?????

What if we just have 1 value???

Answer is YES we can, enter just 1 value but will have to specify column in the insert query,

 > insert into t2 (c1) values (5) ;

now can view the table with records and columns in same manner by typing in the query

> select * from t2 ;

you will see 10 in the second row with 'NULL' in second column

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