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Learn how to use Views to make Search Functionality. Make search functionality with Exposed Filter in Drupal Views .Exposed Filter in Drupal Views Tutorial.


Note : Views Module does not come with core Drupal Functionality. You need to download ( and install it seperately.

Once Installation id Done Get started:

Step 1 : Click on Structure.

Step 2 : Now click on Views.

Step 3 : Now click on Add New View.

Step 4 : You can Give the Name 'Search' to The View
Below that you can select on Show 'Content'
of Type as 'All' which will show all Nodes in Search/List Results
Click on Checkbox 'Create a Page'
You can Give the Page title as 'Search'
Define path to this 'search_nodes'
Note: Dont Keep path as 'search' as default search for Nodes in Drupal has 'search/node' path and 'search/user' for User Search already which is by default available for Drupal Super User.
Leave display Format to Default values 'Unformated List' and 'without comments'
Besides also keep items to display as '10' and 'user pager'

Step 5 : Click on 'Continue & Edit'

Step 6 : Click on 'Add Filter Criteria'

Step 7 : Now Select 'Content title'

Step 8 : Now Make sure you click on 'Expose Filter '(this will show the field to visitors) and
select operator as 'Contains' (This will match the string to title)

Step 9 : Click on Apply

Step 10 : Click on Save

Step 11 : Now type ../search_nodes in Browser URL

Step 12 : And finally test the Search Fuctinalty by typing the string (Title of Articles/Basic page and etc(if more content types present) in Site) in Text field


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