Make Contact Form in Drupal Video Tutorial

Learn Step by Step Video Tutorial on Drupal to Create a contact form that sends email to Site Admin. Simple and Easy tutorial, even a Non-Programmer can make it easily.

Step 1: Click on 'Modules' up in Admin Menu.
Step 2: Select the Check Box field for Contact Module.
Step 3: Click on Save Configuration and save the page.
Step 4: Click on 'Structure' up in Admin Menu.
Step 5: Now Click on 'Menus' link.
Step 6: In the Main menu row click on 'add link'.
Step 7: For Text Field 'Menu link title' Give any name .
your choice as 'Contact us', for Path field place 'contact', Let other things remain as default.
Step 8: Click on Save.
Step 9: You will see Contact Us Menu Item Linked to contact Page.
Note: This Page will only be seen to Admin. For other visitors to view this contact form we need to give it permissions.
Step 10: Click on 'People' up in Admin Menu.
Step 11: Click on 'Permissions' tab .
Step 12: Now select both the checkboxs under 'Contact' - 'Use the site-wide contact form' under 'ANONYMOUS USER' and AUTHENTICATED USER column.

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