List Content Created by Logged in User with Views Drupal

Learn how to List Own Content using Views
In this PlanetGhost Tutorial you will learn how to list content created by logged in user in Views Drupal 7.

Note : Views Module does not come with core Drupal Functionality. You need to download ( and install it seperately.

Once Installation id Done Get started:

Step 1 : Click on Structure.

Step 2 : Now click on Views.

Step 3 : : Now click on Add New View.

Step 4 : You can Give the Name 'My Content' to The View
Below that you can select on Show 'Users'

Click on Checkbox 'Create a Page'
You can Give the Page title as 'My Content'
Define path to this 'my-content'
Display format as "Unformatted List" of "fields" Besides also keep items to display as '10' and 'user pager' Click on "Continue & edit"

Step 5 : Click on user Name (Remove default list of users.)

Step 6 : Click on Remove (Remove default list of users.)

Step 7 : Click on Advanced to open dropdown And Click On "Add" Button next to "Relationships"

Step 8 : Select "User Content Authored" and click on "Apply"

Step 9 : You can give Identifer as "nodes"(your choice) and click on Apply Button.

Step 10 : Now You can create a new Field "Add" next to Fields.

Step 11 : Select "Content Title" and click "Apply".

Step 12 : You can select "nodes" (name kept in step 3) under Relationship . Select Link the Field to original piece of content. And hit Apply Button.

Step 13 : Make Sure Under Page Settings : Access Click Permission Select Role and Hit Apply .

Step 14 :Select Role and hit Apply.

Step 15 : Select the Role leaving annoymouse Role Un-selected. (As the Page is for Logged in User, You can select the Roles as per your needs)

Step 16 : Now Click on Add Filter Criteria.

Step 17 : Select User content and Click on Apply.

Step 18 : Select the Logged in User Radio button. (as we showing content made by logged in user)

Step 19 : Dont Forget to click on Save.


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