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Learn Step by Step Video Tutorial on Views Drupal. Learn how to trim body of articles on page. And make a Dynamic Site in Minutes. Even a Non-Programmer can make it easily.

Step 1 : Click on 'Structure' on Admin Menu.
Step 2 : Now click on 'Views' link.
Step 3 : You will find your view name click on 'edit' under 'OPERATIONS'.
Step 4 : Under 'FORMAT' 'Show:' click on 'Content'.
Step 5 : You will find two radio buttons select 'Fields'.
Step 6 : Now click the 'Apply' button.
Step 7 : Now next to 'FIELDS' you will find 'add' button click on it.
Step 8 : You will see a Search Field type for 'Content: Body' and select the check box and click on 'Add and configure fields'.
Step 9: You can remove the default 'Label' 'Body' when you scroll down you would see 'REWRITE RESULTS' select the check-box 'Trim this field to a maximum length' and give 'Maximum length' for example '75'.
Step 10 : Click on 'Apply'.
Step 11 : And then Make Sure you click on 'Save' button.

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