Video Tutorial to List all Articles in a page on its creation using Drupal Views

Learn Step by Step Video Tutorial on Views Drupal. Learn how to list articles on a page. And make a Dynamic Site in Minutes. Even a Non-Programmer can make it easily.

Step 1 : Click on 'Structure' on Admin Menu.
Step 2 : Now click on 'Views' link.
Step 3 : You will find a link on top 'Add new view' click on it.
Step 4 : Add a view name.
Step 5 : Under 'Show' DropDown you can select 'Content', as you need just of type 'Article'
Step 6 : You find check box 'Create a page' Selected.
This will make a Page where you will find all articles listed.
Step 7 : Think of Title for Page fill the field 'Page title' .
Step 8 : Give a path to new page in field 'Path'.
Step 9 : You can give a menu Link if you need it, by selecting 'Create a menu link' for example select 'Main Menu' fill Menu title under 'Link text'.
Step 10: Click on 'Save & exit'
Step 11: Check you new page by clicking the menu Item if you have created or type the path you have set for this view.
Step 12: If there are no Articles listed add some articles by Clicking on 'Add content' Link in Admin Menu.

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