Install Views Module Video Tutorial Drupal Views Tutorial

Learn Step by Step Video Tutorial on Views Drupal. Learn how to list articles on a page. And make a Dynamic Site in Minutes. Even a Non-Programmer can make it easily.

Step 1 : Download the Views Module from this link
Note : Views module would require additional module ctools
Step 2 : If your are using Drupal 7 make sure you download module for Drupal7
Step 3 : Click on Modules on Admin Menu
Step 4 : You will find a link on top 'Install new module' click on it
Step 5 : You will see two input fields click on 'Upload a module or theme archive to install' select the path to downloaded module in your computer.
Note : It should be in archived format dont unarchive it after downloading.
Optional : If this does not upload; you can also place the theme folder under your Drupal Site Directory Structure sites/all/modules Place your folder there(non-archived).
Step 6 : Now when you click on 'Modules' you would see your new module would be listed.
Step 7 : Select the check-box and 'Enable the module' by clicking on Save configuration.

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