Drupal 7 Views Grid Image Album With LightBox Tutorial

Learn How to create an Image Grid Album using Views along with Light Box.


Note: Along with Views Module you need an additional module

https://drupal.org/project/lightbox2 (Lightbox2)

Learn to install Module

Once Installation is Done

Create a New Content type "Gallery"
And Add Image field to it "Image Gallery"

You can Learn how to Create New Content type and Adding field to it here

Get started:

Step 1 : Click on Structure.

Step 2 : Now click on Views.

Step 3 : Now click on Add New View.

Step 4 : You can Give the Name 'Album' to The View
Below that you can select on Show 'Content' of Type as 'Gallery' (Will show only Images uploaded in Content type 'Gallery')
Click on Checkbox 'Create a Page'
You can Give the Page title as 'Album'
Define path to this 'album'
Display Format to 'Grid' of 'fields'
Besides also keep items to display as '10' and 'user pager' checked

Step 5 : Now click on "Continue & Edit".

Step 6 : Now click on Add New Field.

Step 7 : Now select "Image Gallery".

Step 8 : Now UN-check Crate a Label
Formatter 'Lightbox2:lightbox: medium->original'
Step 9 : Dont Forget to Save Complete work.

Step 10 : Check by typing '../album' In Browser URL

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