Change Theme and make your Site Beautiful Drupal Video Tutorial

Learn Step by Step Video Tutorial on how to change appearance of your Website in Drupal by changing theme. These themes are available for free over the net.

PlanetGhost gives complete Step by Step Video tutorial which is made in a manner where any non-programmer can also create a Complex Dynamic Site in few Minutes. Common sections on Drupal webpages are known as Blocks

Select a Theme from official Drupal site for free
Make sure if your are using Drupal 7 download theme for Drupal 7

Step 1 : Click on Appearance on Admin Menu
Step 2 : You will find a link on top 'Install new theme' click on it
Step 3 : You will see two input fields click on 'Upload a module or theme archive to install' select the path to downloaded theme in your computer.
Note : It should be in archived format dont unarchive it after downloading.
Optional : If this does not upload; you can also place the theme folder under your Drupal Site Directory Structure sites/all/themes Place your folder there(non-archived).
Step 4 : Now when you click on appearance you would see your new theme would be listed under DISABLED THEMES. Click on 'Enable and set default' for your theme
Step 5 : Go on Home Page And Check your new Theme.

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