Add user to Site Drupal Video Tutorial

Drupal Video Tutorial to Create more users. Add more users to Drupal Site.

PlanetGhost easy and short tutorial to add users to your site from Admin side. PlanetGhost highly qualified and experienced trainers covers each an every small bit of information in this short video tutorial.

Step 1 : Click on 'People' on Admin Menu.
Step 2 : Now click on 'Add user' link.
Step 3 : Now fill fields 'Username' , 'E-mail address' , 'Password' for your new user.
Step 4 : Under Roles you can select 'authenticated user' check-box (Will usually have rights as in posting comments for articles etc. This could be viewed under People/ PERMISSIONS (tab)).
Step 5 : Click on 'Create new account' button .
Step 6 : Can check by opening a new browser or logging out from admin logging in from credentials just given to new user.

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