Add more Fields to Sign up Form Drupal Video Tutorial

Add more Fields to Sign up Form Drupal Video Tutorial. Show more fields to user on registration.

Step 1 : Click on 'Configuration' on Admin Menu.
Step 2 : Under 'PEOPLE' click on 'Account settings' .
Step 3 : Click on 'MANAGE FIELDS' tab on top.
Step 4 : Fill the text-fields under 'Add new field' 'Label' and 'Field name (a-z, 0-9, _)'
Step 5 : Select 'Text' from drop-down 'Type of data to store' click on 'Save' button.
Step 6 : On New page you will see 'FIELD SETTINGS' 'Maximum length' field you can give a length to the field.
Step 7 : Then click on 'Save field settings'
Step 8 : You will see new page with 'USER SETTINGS' box you will see two check box 'Required field' and 'Display on user registration form'.
If you just click 'Display on user registration form' it will show on user Sign-up form however if you select 'Required field' it will appear in user sign-up form and will not allow the form to submit if you leave this field blank.
Step 9: Now click on 'Save settings' and check the Sign-up form.

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