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Drupal 7 Video Tutorials

Drupal 7 Video Tutorial for Beginners

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    Install XAMPP software to your Windows Machine And Run Drupal Work on PHP Codes. It is Very simple and very short. Chapter 1 : Make a Static Site in Drupal Chapter 2 : Create a Contact Form in Drupal Chapter 3 : List all Articles in a page Once it is Created Chapter 4 : Categorise Articles and List them on Page according to category. Chapter 5 : Set User Friendly URLs According to Categories and set Blocks by Categories . Chapter 6 : Make a Dynamic Site with user Registration form Chapter 7 : Make a Dynamic Site where we create a new Role (users with Permissions ) Chapter 8 : Make Search/List Functionality in Drupal Chapter 9 : User Interface & Site Appearance Chapter 10 : Make Shopping Cart in Drupal 7 Ubercart Tutorials Chapter 11 : Create Cache Server for Drupal 7 and Speed-up your Site Chapter 12 : Multi Server Setup in Drupal NFS